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We are seeking passionate and driven



We funnel our Bond users through sub-communities, allowing them to meet new friends on common ground

At Bond, we are dedicated to empowering passionate and driven leaders to grow their communities. Our platform allows you to shape your own social media space to meet the specific needs of your members, providing you with the tools you need to foster a healthy and genuine community experience.

Empower Your Community

As a community builder on Bond, you will have access to a suite of content creation and automation tools designed to help you engage and grow your community. Our platform supports you in creating a space where members can connect, share, and learn meaningfully. We prioritize a healthy user experience, making meeting and building relationships easy for people.

Your Role as a Community Builder

We are looking for community builders who are passionate about their areas of interest and committed to providing their users with educational, conversational, and thought-provoking content. Our mission is to steer users away from sensationalist and overly stimulating content and focus instead on quality interactions and meaningful discussions.

  • Create Engaging Content: Develop and share content that educates, inspires, and provokes thoughtful conversation.

  • Foster Healthy Interactions: Cultivate a positive and genuine community atmosphere where members feel valued.

  • Utilize Automation Tools: Leverage our automation tools to streamline content delivery and community management.

  • Support Member Growth: Help your community members grow and connect through targeted activities and discussions.

  • Monetize Your Community: Benefit directly from the advertising revenue generated within your community. At Bond, all advertising revenue goes directly to the community builder, allowing you to reinvest in your community and continue to enhance the user experience.

Apply Now

To become a community builder, please complete the form below. We look forward to partnering with you to build a thriving, healthy community on Bond.

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