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Friends enjoying food in the sunshine

We are exploring food and drink partnerships



Can you create the perfect mixture of health, taste and sustainability to supply 10,000 event goers every month?

We seek exclusive vendor partnerships to supply up to 10,000 event attendees monthly in Glasgow. We require ambitious founders who can offer scaleable, sustainable food and drink solutions. Our members' experience is paramount; we are searching for exciting meals that satisfy our members' hunger needs and enhance their overall experience. Our event premises will not have cooking facilities on site. Our state-of-the-art vending machines will replace both hot and cold food twice daily. Our meals are pre-ordered via our mobile app, allowing 24 hours preperation time for order. We desire 6 creative and sustainable dishes that meet our customers' expectations for these conditions. 

If your company has what it takes and is ready for a creative and expansive journey, complete the contact form below to receive an entry pack. 

Competition entries close on October 28th 2024. 

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